Handcrafted Manufacture:

Planters Treasure strives to etch an indelible mark in every customer’s heart, through our merchandise. Manufacturing only a limited number of products in a day, we pay unfailing attention to quality and class.

The fruit trees are personally tended and grown, devoid of artificial fertilizers or pesticides, in our estates. The choicest of fruits are then carefully handpicked. The use of this single origin fruit is the source of the unique quality of Planters treasure merchandise. Each bottle is brewed with a dash of compassion by our trusted crew, with only 10% of the entire process being mechanised. With a single member of the team meticulously managing each step of the manufacturing procedure for a bottle, the journey of each product is a personalised labour of love.The marginal variations in taste in our products are a result of this absolutely customised procedure.

Swearing by a familial formula of cooking handed down through generations, five essential prerequisites namely; smell, texture, taste, presentation and satisfaction are consistently maintained while moulding each product. After sale services are prompt and every word of advice, criticism and appreciation is welcomed with open arms.

Planters Treasure, which began with a green vision, has taken painstaking efforts, to minimise our carbon footprint. The raw material is hauled by public transport from our estate to the factory. The entire production process has minimal mechanical inputs. Environment is the first priority for every plan we formulate and every strategy we implement.

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