Passion fruit village

“Blanketed in green, Nellimattom taught us to dream.”

Planters Treasure began in a picturesque little hamlet called Nellimattom situated in the foothills of Munnar. The fertile lands and perennial streams of this quaint little town helped us build our dream, block by block. As we grew, we yearned to give back to this bountiful home of our dreams. Gifting a passion fruit sapling to every visitor at our factory and home in Nellimattom was the first idea that struck us. From the time our first batch of passion fruit juice was launched in the market, this practice began.

Rooted to the land which made us what we are today and to our people, who stood by, through every step of the journey, this project was initially just an opportunity to show gratitude. Today, it empowers many. A sizeable number of small farmers and home makers in Nellimattom cultivate passion fruit. With backyards adorned by passion fruit vines, many of them earn surplus income from what began a seed of thought for Planters Treasure. Some even bring excess produce for sale to our factory.

Swearing by a familial formula of cooking handed down through generations, five essential prerequisites namely; smell, texture, taste, presentation and satisfaction are consistently maintained while moulding each product. After sale services are prompt and every word of advice, criticism and appreciation is welcomed with open arms.

Nursing a bigger dream to transform Nellimattom into a passion fruit village, we continue to give saplings to everyone who knocks at our door. More importantly, playing a part, however small it may be, in making our hometown greener, healthier and happier surpasses all else.

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