The passion fruit concentrate from the house of Planters Treasure is a sunny antidote to all your problems. A right blend of panache and passion, Fruit De La Passion is a perfect drink to welcome guests into your home and start great conversations. With a shelf life of one year, the concentrate is hand pressed and 100% pure fruit. The health benefits of passion fruit are umpteen. From augmenting immunity, reducing anxiety and insomnia to improving bone density to enhancing the quality of skin; passion fruit is an ideal solution for many issues that diminish the quality of life today.

Doubling up as a modish topping to mocktails, Fruit De La Passion can add a tangy twist to your drink. With a dash of salt and soda, the fizzy version brings oomph to the traditional juice. A dollop of the concentrate on vanilla ice cream can also be a surprise element of your dessert table.

The shelf life of Fruit De La Passion is 1 year and is best served chilled.

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