Planter’s Design

Presentation and panache have always been central to Planters Treasure. Elegantly designed, each product reflects the green ethos and customised quality of the enterprise. Every element of our design is unique and eco-friendly.

All bottles of Planters Treasure merchandise come with a personalised Planter’s note. An impassioned pledge by the Planter vowing to manufacture and sell au natural products devoid of artificial flavouring or colouring agents. The ink used for every word on the packaging is plant based and completely natural. Biodegradable paper is used for the label and seed sachets and coir for stringing it to the bottle. Using time honoured wax seal stamping techniques, Planters Treasure emblazons quality and class on every bottle.

As a testament of the painstakingly customised efforts, the hand behind each bottle’s journey from raw material to a Planter’s product, makes a thumb impression on the label. Honouring their scrupulous efforts, these original thumb impressions affirm the authenticity and quality of Planters Treasure.

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