Green décor

A green workspace was always on the cards for Planters Treasure. With never ending targets to be met and plans to be set, the desire had taken a backseat. However, when customers started sending back empty bottles in return for Amazon coupons and plans were being made for the bottles to be recycled, the idea struck us.

The possibility of reusing a batch of empty bottles to give our drab walls a green makeover. With DIY being the watchword these days and indoor plants creating quite the stir, we did not think twice. Today, thanks to our eco-friendly customer base and ever enthusiastic crew, Planters Treasure has a workspace that it is greener than ever.

Empty bottles hold green saplings and some double up as bird baths and feeders. Cost effective and eco-friendly, the green décor in our factory brings us one more step closer to nature and we couldn’t be happier.

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