“We rise by lifting others.”

Planters Treasure had humble beginnings. We were lifted to life by a couple of friends who pitched in their modest savings to help a brother realise his lifelong dream. With the selfless support of a mentor who is no less than a mother to Planter’s, we took flight.

As we journeyed forward, we lifted aboard men in need to help them further their little dreams. When Planters Treasure grew, a pack of serial dreamers joined our crew, widening the horizons of our green dream and in the process, realising theirs. Through fair pricing and cooperative structures, we tried to lend a hand to local farmers and now help them keep up with the large players. All through our uphill journey, we celebrated our founding partner and driving force. Nature - who nurtured our seed of passion and guarded us with all her might and majesty, through every crest and trough.

Today, we toil on, lifting and rising. Giving and loving. Fervently hoping that each ounce of our merchandise brings a smile on some face, at some place.

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